• 05/18/2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 5/18/2022 5:30PM CT In-person program at ULCC, 65 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604. Advance registration required via website by 5:00PM 5/13/2022

    May Evening Program

    Join fellow Caxtonians as we have a chance to mix and mingle at a gala reception. Hear Club President, Jackie Vossler, give a brief look back at our past Caxton fiscal year and provide a glimpse of what’s ahead. This annual meeting also features a recap of our financials from Treasurer, Jeff Jahns, and the election of our 2025 Council slate.

    Proposed Council Class of 2025:

    Nora Gabor

    Michael Gorman

    Craig Jobson

    Greg Nosan

    Martin Starr

    This is the opportunity to thank our outgoing 2022 Class – Hannah Batsel, Helen Harrison, Barbara Herzog, Doug Litts, and Lou Pitschmann – as well as meet and welcome our many new members. The meeting will be brief, but the connections and smiles will be long-lasting and wide.

    • 05/25/2022
    • 11:20 AM
    • 5/25/2022 | 11:20 AM CT Live program at ULCC, 65 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago. Advance registration required via website.

    The Author ... Richard Cohen

    Richard Cohen is the author of By the Sword, Chasing the Sun, and How to Write Like Tolstoy. The former publishing director of two leading London publishing houses, he has edited books that have won the Pulitzer, Booker, and Whitbread/Costa prizes, while twenty-one have been #1 bestsellers. He has written for most UK quality newspapers as well as for The New York Times Book Review and The Wall Street Journal, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

    The Book ... Making History

    A fascinating, epic exploration of who gets to record the world’s history—from Julius Caesar to William Shakespeare to Ken Burns—and how their biases influence our understanding about the past.

    There are many stories we can spin about previous ages, but which accounts get told? And by whom? Is there even such a thing as “objective” history? In this lively and thought-provoking book, Richard Cohen reveals how professional historians and other equally significant witnesses, such as the writers of the Bible, novelists, and political propagandists, influence what becomes the accepted record. Cohen argues, for example, that some historians are practitioners of “Bad History” and twist reality to glorify themselves or their country.

    Making History investigates the published works and private utterances of our greatest chroniclers to discover the agendas that informed their—and our—views of the world. From the origins of history writing, when such an activity itself seemed revolutionary, through to television and the digital age, Cohen brings captivating figures to vivid light, from Thucydides and Tacitus to Voltaire and Gibbon, Winston Churchill, and Henry Louis Gates. Rich in complex truths and surprising anecdotes, the result is a revealing exploration of both the aims and art of history-making, one that will lead us to rethink how we learn about our past and about ourselves.

    The Event ... Luncheon

    The event begins with an 11:30 a.m. reception and book signing followed by lunch and the program at noon. Books will be available for purchase and signing day of the program using credit cards. The luncheon price is $42 per person. Advance registration and pre-payment is mandatory via website by 5:00 PM CT 5/20/2022.

    • 06/10/2022
    • 12:00 PM
    • 6/10/2022 NOON CT / 1:00 PM ET via Zoom. Note new time. Zoom presentation is free and open to all. Advance registration required via website.

    June Daytime Program

    “Gad, Holmes. The collection features more than 60,000 items; it is the largest gathering of materials related to us and this Conan Doyle fellow. But where can it be? We know that is housed in a secure underground site … well out of sight. How will we ever find it?”

    “Elementary Watson. You gave the answer yourself when you said that the collection is underground. For who is at home underground? Geomys bursarius, of course.”

    By now, you’re practically shouting at poor Watson. “Gopher! And in possession of such a wonderful treasure? A Golden Gopher!” You’ve solved the puzzle and located the collection at the University of Minnesota … from whence we’ll be joined by the collection’s curator Timothy Johnson.

    Schooled in part in Chicago at North Park University, where he served as director of archives, Tim Johnson brings the requisite taste in Chicago pizza as well as some familiarity with the Caxton Club. Much in demand as a speaker, Tim will share a generously illustrated presentation that will transport you to Baker Street and beyond.

    Why not reserve your spot before darkness covers the moors and the Hound of the Baskervilles begins to howl?

    Zoom presentation is free and open to all.

    Advanced registration required via website.

    • 06/15/2022
    • 5:30 PM
    • 6/15/2022 5:30 PM CT In-person program at ULCC, 65 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago IL 60604. Advance registration required via website by 5:30 PM CST 6/10/2022

    June Evening Program

    Library of American Landscape History (LALH), based in Amherst, Massachusetts, is considered the leading publisher of books about the history of American landscape design, from parks to gardens, campuses, and city plans. Since its founding in 1992, the organization has published more than 40 titles on topics ranging from early twentieth-century practitioners, such as John Nolen and Ellen Shipman, to mid-century modernists, such as Ruth Shellhorn and Lawrence Halprin. Karson and Lippincott will discuss the mission and history of LALH, the preservation impact of LALH books on American landscapes nationwide, and the future of this unique non-profit publisher.

    Robin Karson, founder and editorial director of LALH, is the author of many articles and several books, including Fletcher Steele, Landscape Architect (1989); The Muses of Gwinn (1995); A Genius for Place: American Landscapes of the Country Place Era (2007); and, as coeditor, Pioneers of American Landscape Design (2000) and Warren H. Manning, Landscape Architect and Environmental Planner (2017). In 2022 she received the Sarah Chapman Francis Medal for Literary Achievement from the Garden Club of America.

    Jonathan D. Lippincott is the publisher of LALH and the author of Robert Murray: Sculpture (2019) and Large Scale: Fabricating Sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s (2010). Since 2002, he has designed LALH books, and he is also the designer of VIEW, the LALH annual magazine.

    Fee: $70 with a cash-only bar including beer, wine, or soda only. Credit cards and debit cards will not be accepted.

    Program only and Zoom only options are free with mandatory registration.

    Books: Registering for this program will allow you the opportunity to pre-purchase copies of Beauty of the Wild for $32.00 and/or Olmstead and Yosemite: Civil War, Abolition, and the National Park Idea for $25.50.

    For those not attending the live program, books may be purchased and shipped: Beauty of the Wild for $35.00 and/or Olmstead and Yosemite: Civil War, Abolition, and the National Park Idea for $28.50.

Past events

05/13/2022 Andrew Pettegree and Arthur der Weduwen on The Library: A Fragile History
05/09/2022 Paul Durica And Bill Savage on Chicago by Day & Night: The Pleasure Seeker’s Guide to the Paris Of America
05/03/2022 Laurence Cotton on Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America
04/20/2022 Jennifer Gunter King and Nick Twemlow on Literary Collections through Relationships: The Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University
04/07/2022 Paul Durica and Bill Savage on Chicago by Day & Night: The Pleasure Seeker’s Guide to the Paris of America
03/16/2022 Irvin J. Hunt on Dreaming the Present: Time, Aesthetics, and the Black Cooperative Movement
03/11/2022 Dr. Mary Redfern on Japanese Scrolls and the Art of Storytelling
03/09/2022 Michelle Duster on Ida B. the Queen
02/16/2022 Neil Harris on Paris 1925: French Illustrated Books Go to the Deco Fair
02/11/2022 Stephen Tabor on Extra-Illustration: A Possibly Unfamiliar, Thoroughly Intriguing, and Potentially Appalling History
01/19/2022 The Durchslag Haggadah Collection: A Magnificent Scholarly Collection Reflecting Personal Connections and a Collector’s Passion
01/14/2022 Scott Borchert on Republic of Detours: How the New Deal Paid Broke Writers to Rediscover America
12/19/2021 Andrew Feiler on a Better Life for their Children
12/15/2021 Baasil Wilder on the National Postal Museum Library and the Anacostia Community Museum Library
12/10/2021 Alessandro Bianchi on Japan and the History of the Book
11/17/2021 Liesl Olson on Chicago Avant-Garde: Five Women Ahead of Their Time
11/12/2021 Andrew Jewell on Willa Cather's Life and Letters
11/09/2021 Dan Gifford on The Last Voyage of the Whaling Bark Progress
10/20/2021 Sidney Berger on Shooting Sticks and Caviar, Hell Boxes and Devil's Tails, and Mastering the Vocabulary of the Book
10/19/2021 The Union League Club of Chicago Library Committee invites Caxton Club members to a live program: Dr. Simon Balto in Conversation with Dr. Adam Green on Occupied Territory
10/10/2021 Robb Packer on Chicago’s Historic Synagogues
10/08/2021 Cait Coker On Women Printers In Europe & North America
10/05/2021 At Home with the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives – Magnificent Obsessions: Why We Collect
09/28/2021 Tempestt Hazel on Sixty Inches From Center
09/21/2021 The Union League Club of Chicago Library Committee invites Caxton Club members to a LIVE program: John Blew on “The ULCC Boys Club Room Murals”: Back to the Future
09/14/2021 Members-only Live Event: Paul Gehl on Chicago Modernism and the Ludlow Typograph
09/14/2021 Zoom Event: Paul Gehl on Chicago Modernism and the Ludlow Typograph
09/10/2021 Robert McCracken Peck on the new edition of The Natural History of Edward Lear
09/09/2021 The Union League Club of Chicago Library Committee invites Caxton Club members to a LIVE program: Dr. William Sites in Conversation with Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle on Sun Ra’s Chicago
08/26/2021 Potter & Potter's Auction Preview Reception: Chicago By the Book Reimagined
08/20/2021 Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum presents Jackie Vossler
08/17/2021 The Union League Club of Chicago Library Committee presents Conversations on Chicago Neighborhoods: North Lawndale Past, Present & Future
07/15/2021 Post Event Book Sales - Joseph D. Kearney and Thomas W. Merrill on Lakefront: Public Trust and Private Rights in Chicago
07/15/2021 Joseph D. Kearney and Thomas W. Merrill on Lakefront: Public Trust and Private Rights in Chicago
06/26/2021 International Kelmscott Day
06/16/2021 Chicago by the Book – Reimagined
06/11/2021 Eric Johnson on Pieces of the Puzzle — Manuscript Fragments & Reconstruction
06/03/2021 John Hoover on A Nation, A City, & Its First Library: Americana as a Way of Life at the St. Louis Mercantile Library for 175 Years
05/26/2021 Teri J. Edelstein on “Art Deco from Paris to Chicago: The 1925 Exposition and the Windy City” presented by the Caxton Club, Chicago Collections Consortium, and the Union League Club of Chicago Library
05/19/2021 Anthony Grafton on Inky Fingers: The Making of Books in Early Modern Europe
05/19/2021 The Bibliographical Society of America presents Early Modern Typography/Race/Gender Roundtable
05/14/2021 Sara Quashnie on Americana Is A Creed - Notable Twentieth Century Collectors, Dealers, And Curators
04/30/2021 Language of Flowers Virtual symposium presented by the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Caxton Club
04/21/2021 Jacqueline Goldsby on “Do Not be Afraid of No:” Gwendolyn Brooks’ Years at Harpers
04/16/2021 The Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine presents Nicholas Fry on "Walking the Tightrope—John Garrett and the B&O In the Spring and Summer of 1861"
04/07/2021 The Union League Club of Chicago presents the Outstanding Book on the History of Chicago 2021 Award Virtual Award Ceremony
03/24/2021 Kinohi Nishikawa on "Toward a Black Book Aesthetic"
03/17/2021 Silvia Beltrametti - An Irish Program on an Irish Night – Pirated Caricatures in Nineteenth Century Dublin
03/12/2021 Carl Smith on Chicago’s Great Fire
03/02/2021 The Newberry presents An Unscripted Look at a Script Type: Matthew Carter and Jill Gage on the Design of Snell Roundhand
02/25/2021 Brian McCammack and Courtney Joseph on Landscapes of Hope
02/17/2021 Shauna Collier, Head Librarian of the National Museum of African American History and Culture Library
02/09/2021 Marcia Walker-McWilliams, on "The Black Metropolis Research Consortium: Fifteen Years of Documenting and Sharing Black Chicago's History”
02/03/2021 Michelangelo Sabatino and Susan S. Benjamin on Modern in the Middle: Chicago Houses 1929–75
01/19/2021 Rebecca Romney and Heather O’Donnell on “Building The Future of Rare Books: Two Booksellers’ Experiences in Outreach”
01/08/2021 Miles Harvey — Interviewed on The King of Confidence
12/16/2020 Making Our Mark: Celebrating 125 Years
12/11/2020 Ann Durkin Keating on Juliette Kinzie
11/19/2020 Neil Harris on “Chicago Apartments: A Century and Beyond of Lakefront Luxury”
11/18/2020 Panel Discussion: “Artists’ Books, The Institutional Perspective”
11/13/2020 Dwight Cleveland on Movie Posters
11/10/2020 Neil Harris on “Chicago Apartments: A Century and Beyond of Lakefront Luxury”
10/21/2020 Simon Loxley on “In Search of Emery Walker”
10/09/2020 Bonnie Mak Opens a Cabinet of Curiosities
09/16/2020 Nick Basbanes on “Henry and Fanny Longfellow: Palm Branches and Passion Flowers”
09/11/2020 Jennifer Hain Teper on “Conservation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
06/12/2020 Mary Wisniewski on Nelson Algren
06/04/2020 ABAA Virtual Book Fair
06/01/2020 Honey & Wax Book Collecting Prize Applications due June 1
05/20/2020 Annual Meeting/State of the Club
03/18/2020 CANCELLED - Jennifer Gunter King and Nick Twemlow on Emory’s Raymond Danowski Poetry Library
03/13/2020 CANCELLED - Marcy Dinius on Radical Types In American Antislavery Print
02/19/2020 Lia Markey on “The Nova Reperta and Renaissance Representations of Invention and Globalization”
02/14/2020 On The Move | Open House | SAIC Letter Press Studio
02/14/2020 Cara Bertram on The American Library Association Goes To War
02/14/2020 On The Move | Round Table Discussion | Letterpress Printing in Chicago: Its Current State, History, and Legacy
02/13/2020 Art Happens: Amazing Women
01/15/2020 Audrey Niffenegger on Make No Small Plans – The Quest for an Artist Book House
01/10/2020 James Hagy on Fair Tricks: Magicians at the Columbian Exposition
01/08/2020 Miles Harvey — Interviewed on The King of Confidence
12/18/2019 Revels: Our Annual Holiday Event of Magic, Fellowship, Music, and Book Auction
12/13/2019 Nina Barrett on Leopold & Loeb
12/11/2019 Books that Built Chicago
12/08/2019 Chicago by the Book: Ethical Humanist Society Panel Discussion
12/03/2019 Firelines: Midwestern Praire Restoration | Jill Metcoff and Mike Mossman
11/15/2019 Frederic Goudy & H.G. Wells: The Time Traveler's Typeface | A Conversation with Artist Rex Parker
11/08/2019 Libby Hill on The Chicago River
10/21/2019 Chicago by the Book: 101 Publications That Shaped the City and Its Image
10/16/2019 Lilla Vekerdy and Morgan Aronson their ABECEDARIUM from Rare Smithsonian Volumes
10/11/2019 Daniel Immerwahr on How To Hide An Empire
10/07/2019 Cocktails & Conversations with Nina Barrett on "The Leopold and Loeb Files"
10/02/2019 Let's Do It: Twenty-three Years of Book and Paper
09/18/2019 Dr. Tim Benson on Political Cartoons from a British Perspective
09/17/2019 Political Cartoons: Then and Now with Panelists Tim Benson, Anthony Mourek, and Scott Stantis
09/13/2019 Peggy Glowacki on Mary Hastings Bradley
09/11/2019 Corr-Proust: A New Digital Edition of Marcel Proust's Correspondence
06/25/2019 Course | The Chicago School of Urban Sociology Past and Present | Clinton E. Stockwell M.A; M.L.A.; Ph.D.
06/19/2019 Dinner Program | Bruce Kennett on “W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design”
06/15/2019 Chicago Book and Paper Fair
06/15/2019 Volunteer Opportunity | Channel Your Inner Bookseller, Meet Fellow Bibliophiles | Chicago Book and Paper Fair
06/08/2019 Chicago by the Book: Writing that Defines a City with contributors Nina Barrett, Neil Harris and Tim Lacy | Printers Row Lit Fest
06/07/2019 Luncheon Program | The Opening Kickoff | Dave Revsine
06/06/2019 Caxton on the Move | Tour and Dinner | Everyone's Art Gallery: Posters of the London Underground
05/21/2019 "The Chicago Tradition" -- ULCC History and "Chicago by the Book" | Kim Coventry, Carl Smith, and Will Hansen
05/21/2019 The Caxton Club is Invited by U of C Library Society and Court Theatre | The Adaptations of Augie March and The Adventures of Augie March
05/15/2019 Dinner Program and Annual Business Meeting | Lynne M. Thomas on “Making Mr. Darcy: Cultural Context for the Regency Gentleman”
05/10/2019 Luncheon Program | Preserving The Legacy or Digitizing Dime Novels | Matthew Short
05/04/2019 Panel Discussion | Four Views on Chicago by the Book | David Buisseret, Teri Edelstein, Bob Karrow, and Susan F. Rossen
05/04/2019 Volunteer Opportunity | Channel Your Inner Bookseller, Meet Fellow Bibliophiles | Chicago Antiquarian Book Fair
05/01/2019 First Printing of Chicago by the Book Available at May Meetings
04/25/2019 Caxton on the Move | Panel Discussion | Chicago by the Book: The Federal Writers Project’s Illinois Unit
04/24/2019 "Rosenwald" a film by Aviva Kempner | Presented by ULCC Archives Subcommittee
04/17/2019 Dinner Program | Eric White on “The Gutenberg Bible”
04/11/2019 Architecture Lecture Series | Chicago by the Book: 101 Publications That Shaped the City and Its Image
04/10/2019 Cocktails & Conversations with Alex Kotlowitz & Ben Austen
04/02/2019 Course | The Chicago Tradition of Literary Naturalism | Clinton E. Stockwell M.A; M.L.A.; Ph.D.
03/20/2019 Dinner Program | Anton Roman, The Pioneering Bookseller and Publisher of the American West | John Crichton
03/08/2019 Luncheon Program | Lost Restaurants of Chicago | Greg Borzo
03/07/2019 Luncheon | Celebrating Women of Illinois: Past, Present and Future | Rebecca Sive
02/10/2019 Panel Discussion | Celia Hilliard, Dan Meyer & Timothy Mennel - Chicago by the Book
02/08/2019 Luncheon Program | February 8
02/07/2019 Panel Discussion | Susan Rossen, Nina Barrett, Dominic Pacyga, and Garry Wills on Chicago by the Book | Bookends & Beginnings
02/07/2019 On The Move | Curated Tour and Private Dinner | Chicago by the Book: Pivotal Works That Changed Chicago
01/30/2019 RESCHEDULED: On the Move | American Writers Museum
01/16/2019 January 2019 Dinner Program
01/14/2019 Exhibition Ending March 22 | Chicago by the Book: Pivotal Works that Changed Chicago
01/11/2019 January 2019 Luncheon Program
12/12/2018 December Dinner: Revels 2018
12/07/2018 December 2018 Luncheon Program
11/28/2018 November 2018 Dinner Program - One Week Later
11/09/2018 Stranger Than Fiction presents Kim Coventry & Susan F. Rossen on AuthorsVoice.net
11/09/2018 November 2018 Luncheon Program
11/06/2018 Eye of the Beholder: Visitor Experience at 19th-Century World Fairs A Lecture by Ruth Slatter
10/12/2018 October 2018 Luncheon Program
10/11/2018 Clare Asquith: Shakespeare and the Resistance
09/25/2018 On the Move: September 25, 2018
09/21/2018 Sept 2018 Luncheon Program
09/13/2018 Bruce Rogers, Modern Design, and Chicago’s Caxton Club
09/12/2018 Sept 2018 Dinner Program
06/20/2018 June 2018 Dinner Meeting
06/08/2018 June 2018 Luncheon Meeting
05/16/2018 May 2018 Dinner Meeting
05/11/2018 May 2018 Luncheon Meeting
04/18/2018 April 2018 Dinner Meeting
03/21/2018 March 2018 Dinner Meeting
03/09/2018 March 2018 Luncheon Meeting
02/21/2018 February 2018 Dinner Meeting
02/09/2018 February 2018 Luncheon Meeting
01/17/2018 January 2018 Dinner Meeting
01/12/2018 January 2018 Luncheon Meeting
01/13/2017 January 2017 Luncheon Meeting
12/09/2016 December 2016 Luncheon Meeting

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