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Video Recordings have been made of speaker presentations at many Caxton Club events. Methods for sharing them are being explored.

September Luncheon

Friday, September 11, Union League Club

Travis McDade

“The Thieves of Book Row”

For a fascinating tale of libraries and larceny, plan to attend the September 11 luncheon, where Travis McDade, author of Thieves of Book Row, will reveal how New York booksellers recruited practiced pilferers to loot libraries large and small of their treasures … and of how library detectives emerged to stop them.

The 1920’s were a golden age of book buying and selling, fueled by the record-setting auction of composer Richard Kern’s remarkable collection. Outside the auction houses and the estate sales another group was at work, beguiling librarians, gaining access to stacks, and stuffing their specially designed overcoats’ pockets with libraries’ treasures. Who done it and who stopped them will be the subject of a fast-paced and generously illustrated talk by Travis McDade, author, curator of law rare books at the University of Illinois in Urbana, and a leading expert on crimes against rare books, maps, documents, and other printed cultural heritage resources.

Oversized coats, outsized characters, and the art of catching book thieves in the days before electronic surveillance and tracking will make for a crackling good story.

September luncheon: Union League Club, 65 W. Jackson Boulevard. Luncheon buffet (main dining room on six) opens at 11:30 am; program (in a different room, to be announced) 12:30-1:30. Luncheon is $32. For reservations call 312-255-3710 or e-mail caxtonclub@newberry.org. Reservations suggested by noon Wednesday for Friday lunch.

September Dinner

Wednesday, September 16, Union League Club

James N. Green

“Looking for a Good Book Shop in Colonial America.”

James N. Green, Librarian of the Library Company of Philadelphia, will explore six of the best early American book shops from Boston to Williamsburg. He’ll describe their shop keepers, the books they offered and what their stories reveal about Colonial America’s book buyers and culture. Mr. Green, formerly with the Department of Special Collections at the University of Chicago, has authored essays for The History of the Book in America, co-authored Benjamin Franklin, Writer and Printer and serves on the board and teaches at Rare Book School. He holds degrees from Oberlin, Yale and Columbia.

September Dinner: Union League Club, 65 West Jackson Blvd. The evening, per previous announcement, will follow this order:

Social Gathering: 5:00 – 6:15 PM
Club Announcements and Program: 6:15 PM
Dinner Immediately to Follow

Program Only: Free, but please reserve so we can prepare appropriate seating.

Dinner: $60; reservations are required and must be received or cancelled no later than September 11 at close of business. Drinks, $5-9.

For reservations call 312-255-3710 or e-mail caxtonclub@newberry.org.

Discounted Parking available at Union League garage after 4:00 PM for $10.

There are two upcoming Caxton On the Move Events: scheduled: "Treasures of the Maclean Collection" on Monday, September 28, and "Caxton On The Move joins Arts on Elston for the Gala Opening of Words/Matter" on Tuesday, October 6.

October Luncheon

Are there just two kinds of people: those who’ve read Proust and those who feel that they should? October 9th’s luncheon is for both. Caxtonian Caroline Szylowicz, rare book curator at the U. of Illinois will share an illustrated talk about Proust and what he read. Mark your calendar so you’ll have a remembrance of things before they’re past!

October Dinner

On October 21 at the Union League Club, Anna Sigridur Arnar will discuss her book, The Book as Instrument: Stéphane Mallarmé, the Artist’s Book, and the Transformation of Print Culture, and her current research on contemporary book arts.

November Luncheon

November 13th will be revolution- ary! Ellen Clark is library director of The Society of the Cincinnati. She’ll talk about the role printing played in the American Revolution and reveal why so many collectible materials from the era are striking in content but not appearance.

November Dinner

November 18, at the Union League, Mark Dimunation, Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress, will discuss the 10 seminal moments of his professional career.